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Fish Sh!t is a living product! It is organic and University tested! Fish Sh!t makes fruits, herbs and vegetables healthier, taste and smell better and it improves plant growth and production. Fish Sh!t also increases a plant’s yield up to 20%. It provides a complex bacteria profile that is a closer piece of a natural ecosystem than anything you will find on the market. It is a piece of nature in a bottle. Most important, it works!

“I believe that a culture of diverse and thriving microorganisms, coupled with the right minerals and nutrients have a direct impact on the flavors, the potency and the production of plants. It is crucial to have a diverse population of organisms that is as close to a natural biosystem as possible. This promotes many beneficial chemical reactions between the plant’s root system and the microorganisms. The results will be some of the most aromatic, tasteful and fruitful plants. The way Mother Nature intended it to be!”