Fish Sh!t: Nature’s power, channeled into a bottle through agronomy’s best practices

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Giving their product a name as punchy and explicit as Fish Sh!t and then for good measure illustrating it with a logo graphic enough to erase any possible trace of doubt whatsoever, the good folks at Fish Head Farms certainly have nothing to hide about their organic soil conditioner. And why would they? It would be [...]

The Rhizosphere – Roots, Soil and Everything In Between

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What is the Rhizosphere and how can understanding rhizosphere processes help feed the world and save the environment? This article will review the critical biogeochemical processes occurring at the plant root-soil interface. Meeting the Global Challenge of Sustainable Food, Fuel and Fiber Production Soil is one of the last great scientific frontiers (Science, 11 June, 2004) [...]

Soil Bacteria – The Myth of Identification & Managment

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Bacteria are a vital part of soil and the health of plants, so it is no wonder that there is a lot of talk about keeping soil bacteria healthy, increasing their numbers, having the right kimnd of bacteria, and so on. It only makes sense that if bacteria are important for plants, gardeners should (a) know [...]


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Four soil health approaches Mitchell said much has been learned from a research plot at the UC center where four approaches take place, including standard tillage and no cover crop, standard tillage and cover crops, no tillage and no cover crop, and no tillage and cover crops. “Behind me is a very important field,” he said, [...]

Soil Microbes – Do You Need To Add Them To The Garden?

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People are starting to understand that microbes (ie microorganisms) are very important to a healthy soil. This knowledge has led to a disturbing trend where people feel the need to add microbes to soil, and manufacturers are responding with an increasing number of products. In this post I will look at the misconceptions behind this trend. [...]

Remember The Rhizosphere By Tommy Roach

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It is easy to walk out into a field of corn, alfalfa, wheat, cotton, etc. and observe how the crop visually looks, whether it be good, bad, or indifferent.  We often times are only focused on the above ground appearance and forget that what is below ground is where all plant growth begins and where it [...]