Product Questions

Fish Sh!t works regardless of its odor. Smell does not correlate to the effectiveness of the product. Batches have a range of smells but are all tested at our facility prior to being released into the market.

Fish Sh!t is “Alive Inside” and needs a vented top to accommodate the “Living Ecosystem” within the bottle.

Fish Sh!t has a minimum shelf life of 24 months from date of packaging. We continue to run stability testing on the product to insure consistent, reliable product and results for our customers.

Fish Sh!t is NOT a fertilizer and contains no available Nitrogen, Potassium, or Phosphorus.

No, Fish Sh!t is composted Fish Manure that is produced utilizing a proprietary process.

Usage Questions

Fish Sh!t works symbiotically and is compatible with all mediums.

Yes, Fish Sh!t will further enhance both the efficiency and effectiveness of living soil.

Yes, Fish Sh!t works in concert with all nutrient lines – synthetic or organic.

Yes, Fish Sh!t works very well in all teas and brews and should be added to the end of the brew cycle.

It is best practice to PH your water first, then add Fish Sh!t.

Fish Sh!t works in concert with worm castings in that they both have a robust number of microorganisms. Fish Sh!t has thousands of different and distinct species of microbes and is easily dilutable.

Dosage Questions

Fish Sh!t is a full spectrum beneficial bacteria that is crafted at our farm and not in a lab. Fish Sh!t is literally a living ecosystem inside every bottle and can be used from seed to flush or at any point in the growing process.

This is dependent on how you are growing your plants; what type of medium you use, how often you water, etc. As an example, watering each plant 3X per week with 1.5 gallons per feeding over a 12-week period – Based on that example a 500ML bottle would be more than enough for 3 plants from Veg to Flush.

Fish Sh!t has NO available NPK so it will not burn or harm your plants at any dosage.

Fish Sh!t use is recommended every time you water/feed your plants.

We recommend using any nutrient-water mixed with Fish Sh!t within 7 days from adding to a standing reservoir.

Miscellaneous Questions

Fish Sh!t helps prevent root rot, as beneficial bacteria promotes nutrient mineralization and availability, and acts as a biocontrol agent to fight off plant pests, parasites, and diseases.

Fish Sh!t can be used in drip lines. We strongly suggest best practices are followed and systems are consistently maintained.

Fish Sh!t can be used on any type of plant. If it grows, it grows better with Fish Sh!t!

Freezing is not a concern when it comes to the efficacy of Fish Sh!t. The bacterium in our product stays active in ice and or water.

If for any reason the bottle is damaged, swap it out with an opaque container preferably with a vented cap. Fish Sh!t can be stored at ambient temperature, we recommend keeping it out of direct sunlight.

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